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The Neverending Story


Bastian was bothering about the classmates because they always bullied him.

One day, Bastian found a bookstore. There's orner has a strange book. Orner said that "It was not only fantasy story". Bastian loves fantasy stories so he really want to read that.He took out this book while the orner answering the phone.

He went to an attic at the school, and began to read it.


Overall: ☆☆☆☆

Story: ☆☆☆

Images: ☆☆☆☆

Musics: ☆☆☆


It is really traditional style of the fantasy. However, its last scene is unusual. It includes the person who read it, and this person helps the "Fantasia".

This film explains that people never forget dreaming something.


I really surprised that this film's technique of doll making. every dolls can move an eyes, eyelids, noses, and mouth. its quite natural motion and so complicated.

Nowadays every films don't make like this because of CG technology. Yet I prefer one. CG looks like realistic, but I thought it isn't lively.

I remind a memory that I read some fantasy books when I was a child by this movie. This feeling is so nostalgic, and I want to remember this ever.