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Merida, is a princess in Scotland. She really like an archery and ride a horse like a man since she was a child. But her mother, Einer want to do more feminin for her daughter.

Merida and Einer always argued each other, and one day Einer had a quarrel hard with Merida, and Merida broke her tapestry and also Einer burned Merida's archery.

Merida was really angry and disappointed and she went out from her castle and go to the deep in a forest. Then she met wizard and she want to buy magic spells for "Change my mother". Wizard sold a magic and gave her one of cupcake. Wizard said that "If mother eat it, mother will change." Merida trust and obey this word and her intrigue was successfull. but "Change" is not inside, just a look. Einer suddenly changed to Bear.


Overall: ☆☆

Story: ☆☆

Visual: ☆☆☆☆

Music (Sound): ☆☆☆

It is special work of Pixar. Normally Pixar doesn't make this kind of story (Like a "Princess", "Traditional Fairytale" ) . However, it is not good challenge for Pixar. Pixar always tried to make a new type of animation stories. Which are often combined with nowadays society, and children's mind. These style is really unique and fit to recent society.  But unfortunately in point of my view, it is not new, and tasteless. I guess that when we think about the "Fairytale of Princess", vast majority people imagine that "falling love, "Fantastic characters" a cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty,

Although "Brave"'s elements is really realistic. Bear, and Horse is just horse, and bear. 

Also, there are no prince and love with men. Actually this story focus on the relationship between mother and daughter. But honestly this type of concept is not fit to the traditional princess story. In my opinion, if we want to explain the Love of family by this style, we need another elements and have to combined with this concept.

I can say same thing for Frozen. These two works has same problem.

Except to this problem, I thought that visual and technique of CG animation is quite high. Absolutely Pixar's technology is higher than nowadays Disney's CG animation.