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The Exorcist


Actress Chris MacNeil is living at the Georgetown in United States with her daughter, Regan.

Regan was cheerful, and good daughter for Chris. But one day, she was held the party at her home. Then something wrong with her. After that, she gradually went to wrong condition. Chris went to see a mental doctor, but nothing else to find on her body.

Finally the doctors mentioned about the "Exorcism" to Chris. Doctors expected that Some kind of "Evil"is living inside Regan. It sounds so impossible for her, but she began to reject the Damon inside her.


Overall: ☆☆☆☆

Story: ☆☆☆

Visual: ☆☆☆☆

Musics: ☆☆☆(Sound effects: ☆☆☆☆)


This was so contentious film on 70's United States. Because it has a lot of contents of Christianity, and also its story is about the "Damon". Also, it has a many grotesque scenes which used a technical way. Obviously this films techniques gave a shock to viewers in this age.

I really impressed with the technique of subliminal effect. Totally this film contains a image of Damon's face. It suddenly appeared frequently, but it appears only less than 1seconds like hallucination. But I can remember strongly about these images. This techniques would make hidden, unexpected fear inside the viewer.

I wonder that I couldn't see this film's most popular scene which is Regan down the stairs by backbeng.. I was really looking forward to see that scene in whole time...

Anyway, I thought that this film has a lot of high techniques.