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The Village


Overall: ☆☆☆

Story: ☆☆☆

Visual: ☆☆☆

Music: ☆☆☆


in a deep woods, there has a small village. The village has a law which is people do not in the forest. Because the wood has a monster, and if people go into the woods, they should be killed by that monster.

One day, one boy died in that village. From that, a lot of weird things happen in that village.


The quite specific structure of the story, but it is not enough to represent whole mysteries of the story. For example, I'm not quite sure about a motive that the people who lost their family by murder. I could understand their sorrow, but a representation of their motive and feeling of that were quite short and brief. I need more background on it.

Also, a vast majority of contents of this film are realistic. however, a possibility of the village's construction is quite unrealistic. I'm really confused about a point of observation which means should I watch it from a perspective for watching fantasy, or drama.