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Monsters University


Overall: ☆☆☆

Story: ☆☆☆☆

Visual: ☆☆☆

Music: ☆☆☆


This is a story of Mike and Sulley who were Monsters Univesity's student.

Mike wanted to be a "Scarer" monster since he was a child.

But his classmates dislike him because his appearance was small, and obviously he was not "Scary".

He made an effort and enrol the Monster University's scary course. 

Then he met a Sulley. He has essential "scarer" talent because His family is talented scarers.

Sulley and Mike stood at opposite side, But this two guys make some trouble, but also interesting story.








I watched the "" when I was 8, or 9. Then I really impressed the story. made some trend in Japan.

This another story is quite interesting. But I guess, it's not necessary to make this movie.. Because after that, a monsters make a "laugh" instead of "Scary"in the's story. That's why sometimes I thought "Is this story necessary?"

But except to the logical theory, It has a good message for young people. It says that a If you don't have a talent, a dream can come true by an effort.