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Into the Woods


Overall: ☆☆☆

Story: ☆☆

Visual: ☆☆

Sounds: ☆☆☆

Famous fairy tales' characters, who are Cinderella, Jack (and the beanstalk), Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel living in the same kingdom. They dissatisfied with their life and they need to get a change as a wish. Unexpectedly, all of them aimed to go into the woods.

At the same time, one of a married couple organizing a bakery. They were doing well but also they have a wish. Because they couldn't make a child. However, suddenly one of mysterious wicked appeared to their bakery and she said she gave a curse to husband's father because he stole her important magical beans. She also said she cursed every family of his father ever. That is why the couple couldn't make a child. But she gave a chance to solve the curse if they correct 4 specific things in the woods. So they decided to go into the woods as well.

Every characters gathering at the woods and some unpredictable things happen.



I'm really surprised that Disney made this film. Because its story was like an irony for the 'Happily Ever After' story like a Disney's cartoons.

However, I also wondering that the worth of this story. I believe that fairy tale is always separated from reality. I think this has to. Also, I think the unrealistic story makes us hope, and dream in our life. If all stories in the world are sort of realistic story, I guess that is so boring.

Therefore I think this story is sort of meaningless, and nonsense. I can't agree this film's interpretation. Tales and reality are not in the same world. We need a fairy tales because the reality is sometimes so terrible, and awful. We need a place to escape. That is exactly the imaginary world as a fairy tale. So I couldn't make sense of this story. Its interpretation is little bit weird and hard to understand