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Story: ☆☆☆


Visual: ☆☆☆

I thought that this movie is so fancy. However, some of the contents are so realistic. For example, It depicted the loneliness of elder person. And depressed feeling which came from the wife's death. Carl felt like he lost everything.
The first moment is so sad. It shows the relationship of Carl and his wife, Ellie. They met when they were in childhood. They loved adventure. Some years later, they were married. Carl and Ellie promised to go to the South America one day. However, They couldn't make a money and opportunity to go to the South America. Many times were passed and they got elder. Ellie got a sick and couldn't go South America whole life.
These scenes are great. But I guess this atmosphere and an adventure scene is separated. I couldn't find the relation.
So the balance of this movie between the first half and the second half are not equal. I prefer the first half.