What I've seen, read, played.



Overall: ☆☆☆

Story: ☆☆☆

Music: ☆☆☆

Visual: ☆☆☆☆☆


A quality of animation is quite good. Dream world is really individual which contains a lot of Japanese culture like a Japanese doll, Torii, Japanese parade float.. I imagined that is like a Japanese matsuri. 
Story, was so complicated. A man who is inventor made DC mini which can go inside of someone's dream. But this invention is not completed. One day someone stole DC mini and use it for bad. many people go inside the strong dream and went to be crazy. 
"Paprika" decided to struggle with this problem.

Maybe all of audiences couldn't understand this properly. However that is correct way to see this film. I guess that director want to make confuse for audiences. Audiences can immerse its world deeply by this chaotic mood.




話はちょっとややこしい。DC ミニという発明品によって人の夢の中に入ることが出来るようになった世界で、それを悪用しようとした誰かによって沢山の人が夢に巻き込まれ、混乱していく。その中でパプリカがこの問題に立ち向かっていく。