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My Favorite Movies until 2015


・ストーリー Story


"Being John Malkovich"


This is really original. It saying about serious problems on human society. That's not in detail, but actually it exist on our life. It tell us :"What is true or not". Answer hide in our society's common sense.



Pan's Labyrinth


Guillermo del Toro is my respected producer. This is his populest movie. 

I really obsessed in this movie's world because it's art is really novel and beautiful.




Jean - Pierre Jeunet is famous French producer as made 'Amelie'. Generally his most popular work is Amelie, but I thought MICMAC is as well as Amelie.

I love it's artistic sets as can feel an underground, and comical story. Sometime I recalled contemporary dance.



・エンターテインメント性  Entertainment



We can see it out of thinking. But his production always has enough preparation.




Production and art of musical scenes in this movie are really fascinating! I thought this movie better than musical ver.